April 27

Webinar Takeaway: Why a Security Awareness Program Isn’t Enough to Secure Your Network


My key takeaways

  • Humans are the de-facto top choice for cybercriminals seeking to gain access into an organization. Security Awareness & frequent simulated social engineering testing is a proven method to reduce your organization’s phish prone percentage.

  • The ideal situation for a cyber criminal or social engineer is to hijack the OODA loop by creating a knee-jerk action that effectively bypasses the first three steps and results in the attacker’s intended Action

  • lures in social engineering (SE)
    • Greed
    • Urgency
    • Curiosity
    • Fear
    • Self Interest
    • Helpfulness
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  • humans are the weakest link in cybersec, but only 3% of budget is spend on them (47% in network)
  • simulated social engineering attacks are recommended in NIST 800-53
  • Top 5 spoofed brands
    • Microsoft
    • UPS
    • Amazon
    • Apple
    • Zoom
  • Why is getting the desired behaviors so difficult? 3 truths about human nature: we are lazy, social and creatures of habit (according to @bjfogg). SE will (ab)use this.
  • Three Realities of Security Awareness & Culture
    • Just because I’m aware doesn’t mean that I care.
    • If you try to work against human nature, you will fail.
    • What your employees do is way more important than what they know
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  • figure out where in the 10 phases of organizational security awareness you are:
    1. Increased awareness for infosec and IT pros
    2. content delivery
    3. platform automation
    4. continous testing
    5. security stack integration
    6. security orchestration
    7. user behaviour management (e.g. password hygiene)
    8. adaptive learner experience
    9. active user participation in security posture
    10. human endpoint



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