May 12

Webinar Takeaway: How to Hire Cybersecurity/InfoSec Professionals Who Get Things Done


My key takeaways

  • The key to successful hires is to build networks
  • hiring is not deterministic
  • looking for someone who can work everywhere but hires for something
  • Top 3 pain points for hiring managers
    • sourcing candidates
    • Screening Resumes & Candidates
    • Hiring Cybersecurity Rockstars
  • "how would you make this better" <- top phrase in teams
  • reputation rubs off in both directions
  • rockstars can work everywhere, so they decide also by culture
  • accomplishments in resumees are attractive ($-signs, %, …)
  • red flags in resumees
    • 10 sec to convey who you are and why you apply
    • no bullets, no read



career hacking, hiring

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