August 11

Webinar takeaway: OSINT: Learn the Methods Bad Actors Use to Hack Your Organization


My key takeaways

  • It’s all about reducing the attack surface
  • OSINT Setup: use VPN’s and VM’s
  • The "OSINT-kill-chain":
    1. Organization
    2. Company website (eg press releases)
    3. Third-party ressources (eg LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed)
    4. Employees (eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
    5. Other tools (eg Google)
  • Google dorking is still the basic tool for every OSINT investigation
    • remember to concat the dorks with AND or OR
  • John Matherly, the founder of Shodan needed less the 5h to ping every IP on the internet
  • Censys does ZMap scans 3 times a day and syncs the results with certifcates
    • you can search on IP ranges
  • "the Harvester" is not just about email addresses anymore, but can also be used to determine threat landscapes and can be enhanced with API’s
  • Spiderfoot is good for OSINT automation
    • can search for BTC addresses as well
  • Spyse is one of the largest DBs and has API’s
    • strong at subdomain discovery
    • web spidering on target


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