February 23

Webinar takeaway – So, You Want to Build a Community in InfoSec


My key takeaways

  • if community manager reports to product, she brings information from the community back into the company to improve product/service
  • infosec community is a niche community
  • open source brings enthusiasm from the community
  • managing a commmunity is a lot of work
    • continued work for connection required
    • easy if shared product or interest, otherwise very hard
  • knowing the lingo is important
  • there is very much competition for our attention, so you have to communicate clearly what’s in it for them if they join
  • if you start you need patience and start with 101 conversations
    • communities grow exponentially sometimes
  • when they join, keep them online eg by encouraging introductions
  • "community manager" is a blanket term and a unicorne role
  • most challenging as community manager
    • automate to scale and grow
    • not being able to have an answer
    • wanting to give endlessly
    • rebuilding trust
  • most rewarding as community manager
    • have someone contribute
    • baby photos
    • contributed photos with swag on


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User comments

  • Efengee — heute um 19:36 Uhr
    Reddit has its validity and its noise and false noise
    I find trukno much better then Reddit


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