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CyberSecurity Mesh Architecture

Designed to consolidate cybersecurity management and orchestration across technology environments, a CSMA is comprised of four layers, each playing a specific role in enabling the central configuration and management of a “mesh” of security controls:

  • Security analytics and intelligence: This layer ingests data and insights from security tools to provide threat analysis and trigger responses.
  • Identity fabric: This is where foundational identity capabilities reside, such as identity proofing and entitlement management.
  • Consolidated policy, posture, and playbook management: This layer orchestrates centralized policy, checks and coordinates security posture, and manages and orchestrates playbooks.
  • Consolidated dashboards: These offer an overarching view of the ecosystem for security teams.

Assembling these four layers bolsters a company’s cybersecurity posture in a number of ways, enabling more efficient responses, enhanced detection capabilities, more adaptative and granular access control, and more consistent policies and management.

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June 1, 2023

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