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Software-Defined Networking

[…] centralizes management by abstracting the control plane from the data forwarding function in the discrete networking devices. An SDN architecture delivers a centralized, programmable network and consists of the following:

  • A controller, the core element of an SDN architecture, that enables centralized management and control, automation, and policy enforcement across physical and virtual network environments
  • Southbound APIs that relay information between the controller and the individual network devices (such as switches, access points, routers, and firewalls)
  • Northbound APIs that relay information between the controller and the applications and policy engines, to which an SDN looks like a single logical network device

[…] is a unique approach to network operation, design, and management. The concept is based on the theory that the complexities of a traditional network with on-device configuration (i.e., routers and switches) often force an organization to stick with a single device vendor, and limit the flexibility of the network to adapt to changing physical and business conditions, as well as optimize costs of acquiring new devices. SDN aims at separating the infrastructure layer (aka the data plane and the forwarding plane)—hardware and hardware-based settings—from the control layer—network services of data transmission management. The control plane uses protocols to decide where to send traffic, and the data plane includes rules that decide whether traffic will be forwarded. This form of traffic management also involves access control over what systems can communicate which protocols to whom. This type of access control is typically attribute-based access control (ABAC) focused or based.
(Chapple, 20210616)

Chapple, M., Stewart, J. M., Gibson, D. (20210616). (ISC)2 CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide, 9th Edition. [[VitalSource Bookshelf version]]. Retrieved from vbk://9781119786245

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