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Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment

TARA methodologies are well defined in SAE J3061, ISO-21434, and UN R155. The process includes assets identification, threat analysis, and impact assessment, and provides full risk assessment to enable you to manage your cybersecurity risks and ensure the security of your device.

Transfer, Avoid, Reduce or Accept Risk

It’s name is an acronym for the Strategies proposed in each scenario:
Transfer the Risk.
Avoid the Risk.
Reduce the Risk.
Accept the Risk.

Threat Assessment and Remediation Analysis

[…] is an engineering methodology used to identify and assess cyber vulnerabilities and select countermeasures effective at mitigating those vulnerabilities. TARA is part of a MITRE portfolio of systems security engineering (SSE) practices that focus on improving the cyber security hygiene and resilience of systems early in the acquisition process.

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January 22, 2022

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